Here's a little history of how I unexpectedly fell in love with wedding photography:

I started photographing live music when I was 13. My father was in a band so I grew up going to bars to see him play. My dream was always to be a touring music photographer. Something about figuring out how to take beautiful photos in the WORST lighting conditions has always been so exciting to me. WELL, here's the thing...I became a touring music photographer.

After graduating from college I was lucky enough to do two years of music photography on the road with bands like Modern Baseball, PUP and more. I got to shoot in hundreds of venues I would have otherwise maybe never seen and became very good at making ANYTHING work (often making a photo with one hand and my other hand holding up a crowd surfer while also getting kicked in the head...ahh the memories). It turns out that being in a different state (or country) every day is very emotionally taxing and confusing. So, last year I realized my "dream" wasn't actually meant for me and decided to move forward (not just because PUP put out a record that year called The Dream is Over).  

Several years ago I had started shooting weddings as an intern for another wedding photographer and LOVED it but never committed to it because at that point I still had this vision of me being away from home, living on taco bell (my favorite restaurant) for 8 months out of the year. I continued to shoot weddings as much as I could when I wasn't on tour and then finally realized last year that this is what I really want to be doing. I'm SO grateful for the experience I got from touring. I got to see so much and learn so much about myself and photography.  Last year I got to meet and spend time with over fifteen incredible couples on their wedding day and it truly confirmed that this is something I have to keep doing.