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Caitlin + Charlie

“We are so thrilled that we managed to book Jess for our engagement photos and wedding! Beautiful photography was a priority for us, and we wanted our photos to have a genuine, documentary style feel. We wanted the photos to capture the real beauty of the day, without being too heavily edited (we hate the photographers who made everything look pastel!). Jessica was completely in line with our style. My husband and I aren't naturals in front of the camera, but Jessica made us feel so at ease. We were never uncomfortable with Jessica, and she felt like a natural part of the day.

Jessica's photos speak for themselves. She is able to create stunning visuals, but most impressively, Jess captures emotion in all of her photographs. At our wedding, Jessica and her assistant Kat were always present, but never intrusive. I feel like she is a photography ninja-I don't even remember seeing her at certain moments, and yet there are beautiful photos of everything. No detail or moment was missed. From the day we worked with Jess on our engagement photos, we knew we were in more than capable hands. I am so impressed with Jessica's ability to find unique spaces and framing for our photos-some of my favorite photos are in front of everyday places, but with Jessica's eye they are turned into beautiful works of art.

Because she did such a fantastic job with our engagement photos, we had no worries at all on our wedding day. One of Jess' strengths is her background working as a photographer on music tours. Put her in any type of lighting or setting and she has the technical skills and experience to create something amazing.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Jess' professionalism-she is always early and kind to everyone she interacts with. She is so passionate and excited about her work. Her calm, unflappable attitude made her a pleasure to be around on our wedding day. Her enthusiasm for her work is evident. She's also incredibly hardworking at every stage of the process. Jessica was able to edit our photos and got them back to us within 6 days of our wedding-that is unheard of!

We love Jess and are so impressed by her. She is beyond talented and her stunning work will let us relive our wedding day whenever we want. All of our photos were fantastic-it's hard to narrow down even to our top 100 photos.

We can't thank Jess enough for capturing the joy we felt on our wedding day. I'm truly sad that our time working together is over. Jess was easily one of our favorite vendors, and we wish her all the best as she continues to grow her business. We would enthusiastically recommend that you hire Jessica for all your photography needs.”

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Sarah + Rich

“If I didn't already get married, and she wasn't already engaged, I would propose to Jess right now. I love her THAT MUCH. In all honesty, I didn't even want a photographer. I thought it was an unnecessary luxury. ("Everyone has iPhones to take pics with, right???") Now, I think booking Jess was probably the best decision we made for our entire wedding. Next to my rings and childhood teddy bear, our wedding photos are my most prized possession. The photos from both our engagement session and wedding day are absolutely breathtaking, like catch your heart in your throat, bring tears to your eyes, make your cheeks hurt from smiling so hard kind of breathtaking.

With a career in film editing and a passion for photography, my husband had incredibly high standards for our photog. Unlike me, the photographer was the only thing he actually really cared about. Jess's was literally (literally literally, not figuratively literally) the only portfolio that impressed him.

Jess didn't just meet our expectations, but exceeded them, and then some. She was so incredibly understanding, easy going, and just fun to be around throughout our entire time together. She took a genuine interest in getting to know us as a couple and as individuals. By the time our wedding came around, it felt like we were just a bunch of friends hanging out in fancy clothes. The ease and comfort that she brings to her clients manifests itself in truly gorgeous pictures. Each and every photo is a perfect memory, suspended in time, with a beautiful story hiding just beyond.

A few weeks after our wedding was another family member's wedding. They had a more traditional photographer. Posing for his pictures was painfully awkward and uncomfortable. I understand everyone's budgets and priorities are different, but I suggest to get an amazing photographer (psst! you've found her!) because your photos are the ONLY thing that last past the honeymoon. Take it from someone who thought a photographer was an unnecessary luxury.

Jess is super cool and super talented. I promise you will live with an eternal existential dread of regretful unknowing if you have come this far and still do not book her. Seriously, what are you waiting for?!”


Nora + Jen

“From the moment we met Jess we knew she was our photographer, but actually, not in the way that people only say retrospectively. We were so excited after our meeting that we could barely wait until we got home to sign and tell her (we called out of joy) that she was going to be a part of our big day.

She knew exactly what questions to ask to help us figure out what we wanted. We spent hours together at our engagement shoot without realizing how much time had passed because she made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. We can't recommend her more.

When someone loves what they do, they shine, and as a result, you shine. That's what you're getting when you work with her. We couldn't be happier with the quality of her work, the insanely efficient communication, and to have spent the last year working with someone who is truly excited and passionate to make your experience perfect.”


Nicole + JOHN

“Before getting super long-winded, I should just say, stop looking for a photographer RIGHT NOW. I mean it, you've found her so stop wasting time reading this review and contact her already! My husband, John, and I heard about Jess through a mutual friend. She knew we were looking for a wedding photographer and shared some photos of their engagement shoot-I knew immediately that we needed to meet this amazingly talented photographer. From the get-go,

Jess wants to make sure you're completely compatible in what you're long for and what she can deliver so she requires a meeting before booking. I didn't realize this would be so essential, but you spend SO MUCH time with your wedding photographer so it's pretty important that you get along. John and I are very awkward people to begin with, and we were concerned about getting professional pictures taken, so Jess suggested an engagement shoot to get a feel for what the big day would be like. It was a great way to get to know each other better, and also made us feel much more comfortable in front of the camera come our wedding day.

Jess also worked around our budget to ensure we were getting the services that we wanted at a reasonable price (but she is definitely worth the money, folks). Jess was super communicative throughout the process and was also very organized. She sent us a questionnaire a few weeks before our wedding day that covered things I wouldn't have even thought to mention (hello, weird family dynamics/drama) to be able to get the best family pictures effectively. She also worked as a second day-of coordinator herding our families and gigantic wedding party with ease and joy. We were 10 minutes ahead of our schedule, people! That is UNHEARD OF on your wedding day.

Jess and her second shooter, Kelly, were like photo-ninjas getting shots of things that I hadn't even realized they were present for, and Jess' background in live music photography made the reception dance-floor photos some of my favorites of the bunch. She got our full gallery back to us in about 3 weeks and sent us a beautiful personalized package about a month later that included an external hard drive with all of our pictures on it.

Thank you, Jess for making our day so special. We hope to use your services again, soon! <3”