Brooklyn, NY Giando on the Water Wedding // Kristen & Chuck

From Kristen:

"As Chuck and I were planning our wedding the idea of having a traditional formal affair was not in the cards for us at all. Instead of all the pomp and circumstance we wanted a wedding that really reflected us and who we are as a couple, a fun, modern, cool, and casual wedding that was just a huge party with good food and great music for all our family and friends.  The backdrop had to be Brooklyn, since we met one fateful night in Williamsburg and our relationship grew when we both moved to Greenpoint 6 years ago where we continue to call home today.  It was important for us to work with and support local and small businesses so we could to give our guests a glimpse of our everyday lives and all the things we love to do together.  Whether it was staying at a hotel that we always admired from afar since it's only a couple of blocks away from our apartment, holding our rehearsal dinner at our favorite neighborhood cookbook store / cafe Archestratus, booking a photographer and a singer we knew after spending years at concerts and D.I.Y. shows, ordering the same Momofuku birthday cake I would get for Chuck every year as our wedding cake, hiring an awesome DJ who we gave a mile long playlist, arranging Mr. Met to stop by, giving out the best cream filled heart shaped donuts from our local bakery Peter Pan, to finding the perfect church during a walk around our neighborhood one evening, everything felt authentic and real to who we are as couple and the life we are building together.

All of the decorative details and elements throughout our wedding was all thanks to our wonderful and extremely crafty Mother of the Bride / Matron of Honor Rosanne Vorrasi, without whom none of it would be possible.  She was able to take all of our crazy ideas, photo clippings, and Pinterest D.I.Y's and make them a reality working for months hand painting/glittering paper mache' dinosaurs and paint cans to compliment the bright Poppy floral arrangements for the tables, folding paper fortune cookie escort cards, making pennant flag wedding programs, cutting out paper masks for the photo booth, creating a faux neon sign, to hand beading a sweater with extra beads from my wedding dress. All of her hard work helped to weave all of these small details that showed our eclectic love of music, vinyl records, Star Wars, Frank Sinatra, Jaws, dinosaurs, art, the New York Mets, Brooklyn and more together into the one cohesive design that I had originally envisioned only in my head.

While our wedding day now feels like such a blur of excitement and emotion some of our fondest memories and highlights are: our "First Look", walking around our neighborhood hitting up local spots with Jessica and DJ, our matching leather jackets, Poppies, Peter and the big yellow taxi, our pre-ceremony smoke break, the wedding procession to the Star Wars theme, Father Nick's sermon tying into Star Wars, the view of the Brooklyn Bridge out on the patio at Giando on the Water, our "First Dance" with Max singing live in person, the Matron of Honor / Best Man / Chuck's sister's speeches, Mr. Met's appearance and photo booth takeover, dancing until the very last song, and our Peter Pan Doughnuts at the end of the night.

One piece of advice we would give to anyone planning a wedding is to not be swayed from what you envision for your wedding by any outside opinions other than those of you and your significant other.  Even if it's out of your price range or budget and you have to do it yourself or find alternative and creative ways to make it happen.  We had a few important goals and elements for our wedding in mind that we stayed adamant about and stuck to our guns throughout the entire process no matter what anyone thought or said and we are so happy we did.  Our ideas might not have originally made sense to family members or friends, but that didn't matter because it made sense to us as a couple and that's what a wedding is supposed to be about."

Photography: Jessica Flynn
Hotel: The Box House Hotel
Venue: Giando on the Water
Cake: Momofuku Milk Bar
Donuts: Peter Pan 
Mascot: Mr. Met 
Music: Maxwell Stern