Hi, who are you?

Hi, it's me, Jess! An ex-touring-music-photographer-turned-wedding-photographer - I looooove it. I live in Kensington with my cat, Maude (like Harold & Maude) and my fiancé, Jacob! If you wanna read way too much about me, click  here.


What's your style? Are you going to make me do insane things and call it "Natural"

Yes and no. Sort of. But MOSTLY (like 90%) no. This is so important! You are getting MARRIED. I'm mostly going to just remind you of THAT, put you where the light is best, and let you do your thing. I'm just over here trying to make photos people will actually hang on their walls, ya know? The nicest compliment someone can give me is "not corny." So, no, I'm not going to make you hold hands and jump or make your hands form a heart shape when you put them together or force anyone to "dip" anyone else or anything like that. But, I am going to guide you to make good decisions when it comes to where you're putting your limbs so you don't look like you hate each other.

Do you have insurance? Back up gear? What if you die before our wedding? 

I have insurance, I have back up gear, and I have a system in place should anything happen to me! But I have never died or missed a wedding before.


WOW, You sound Great! what does the booking process look like?

Go ahead and say helloooo via the contact form. Then we can set up a date to meet at my studio in Kensington OR chat via FaceTime. I don't book anyone without some kind of a meeting! We're going to be spending a ton of time together on your wedding day so it's important that we make sure we are all a good fit for each other. Once we're all stoked and ready, you'll need 25% to reserve your wedding date. The rest isn't due until 30 days before your wedding, at which time we will also finalize your timeline for the wedding day! Wahoo! Everything is done online and it's super easy! We'll go over everything else during the meeting.