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before you hang out with me all day at your wedding, you probably want to know a bit about me, right?

INFJ-T + a cancer (aka I’m super emotional). I like working with other people with a lot of feelings. I’m engaged! My fiancé’s name is Jacob and we parent a cat named Maude (like Harold + Maude). When I’m not taking photos I’m spending time with the people I love or training Muay Thai.


I DON’T like being a photographer as a “service” only. I usually end up being friends with my couples and I like it that way. But not SO friendly that I forget that your wedding is about spending time with the people closest to you. My job, first and foremost, is to document that in a way that is meaningful. But my job is also a lot of other things, like making sure you AND your guests are comfortable (there is such a thing as over-shooting).


It’s important to me to read the room

I might ask if you want to go outside for a few minutes for photos if you seem anxious, because that’s what I would want - a minute to get away. But, if you’re clearly having the time of your life, I’m not going to interrupt that unless it’s for a good reason. I’m not going to try to get you to make small talk with me right before your first look, I’d rather you have that moment to yourself to get ready for what’s about to happen. I will take the few extra moments to remind you to take that hair tie off of your wrist before photos, turn off tungsten lights, and remove distractions from the background. I try to practice working slowly enough to look around for the best moments.

I do my best to make everything as seamless as possible

Your wedding doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s important to me that I’m available for you leading up to your wedding day to answer any questions you might have. In addition to that, I have a long and thorough questionnaire with a lot of guiding questions to help you plan your day in a way that won’t leave you feeling confused about what’s going on before, during or after your wedding.


black and white photos by eric osman, brendan lukens, mitchell wojcik

color photo by kelly giarrocco